Recorded ‘Slaving Away’

Hiya all.
The new hard rock studio sessions have a vibe and energy that just blew me away and each time Mr Secret and I got together to record there was a great atmosphere of excitement.
I feel that my guitarwork has reached a new maturity and the tone and the playing through my trusty Gibson Epiphone Les Paul blasting through a Marshall Amp with just natural amp overdrive resulted in a fat,warm,dirty sound which is just what I like.
Hope you all really enjoy the new Rock tracks and 2011 is gonna be good.
Ritchie Dave Porter

slaving away

Recorded called “Im just misunderstood”

Yeah rockers and funkateers alike !
The Ritchie and producer Mike Tingle (the secret) got together whilst the Ritchie was on annual leave from his Therapy day job to record a killer Doors/Led Zeppelin inspired hybrid rock tune in Moseley Village.
I think you Ritchie fans will love it.
Mean chunky fat guitar riffs and a pounding hard rock sound.
Its cool groovin rock n roll.
Ritchie Dave x

I’m just misunderstood

Epic solo recorded live at the end of the song on video: