RDP runner up in best recording 2014

Ritchie Dave Porter & the Secret have been awarded runner up (out of 2,000 songs) in best recorded track of the year for ‘Morphine Blues’ by SRB radio!

I’m very pleased that Morphine Blues and the excellent studio production of Michael Tingle is appreciated” – RDP

Thanks so much SRB radio, glad you appreciate the music. Wishing you and all blues fans a great bluesy new year!


And here’s the track in question:

No More Hell

Recorded using the mobile studio in the Licky Hills tracking the drums and guitar live for that authentic blues feel. No more Hell for Ritchie Dave Porter. Lord have mercy.

Aint Giving up on Love

“Aint gonna give up on Love” is the new blues rock song recorded on the 28th December 2013.Ive been dying to record this one with Mike ever since Ive been performing it live on the electroacoustic at my local gig venues The Tower Of Song in Cotteridge and The Roadhouse in Stirchley.This number has acoustic guitar,les paul electric solo,bass guitar,drums and yours truly on vocals too.I love it…it rocks.Its a Ritchie Classic.” – Ritchie

“This song has come together really easily probably because Ritchie had chance to play it out a few times live. Some lovely moments in this track, my favourite being the end ad-libbed vocal section!” – Mr.Secret