The Stygian Witch has Arrived!

This guitar solo was played with total passion and is precise and fiery and has a beautiful Les Paul tone.Of all my guitar solos I feel this is the best one and my spirit really soars with this one.Mike captured me at my best and I recorded it on the evening of March 1st 2013.

…and the complete song:

I’m Back!

“I really like ‘Im Back’.Its a straightforward riff based rock song which I feel is a personal statement of being to hell and back through chemotherapy and into wellbeing again.
I had been playing around with the main riff for a while and when Mr Secret came up to Brum to record another song this one just happened really fast and felt good and powerful” – Ritchie

After inspecting the edge of ALL THAT IS Ritchie is Back! – Mr.Secret

Production & drums by Mr. Secret

Find me a Doctor, literally!

Find me a doctor was literally a song about fighting cancer that I had at the time, I was in a lot of pain when recording! I had three cycles of chemotherapy at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham and was informed I was cured on April 3rd 2012 which was a great and wonderful feeling. I still like the song find me a doctor as it still rocks considering I was in pain and was emotionally troubled at the time. It features Amanda on backing vocals and Mr Secret did a great job bringing out the best in me whilst I was having a very tough time.

Check out the video of the song below:

The Wicker Man


I enjoyed writing and recording this “Wickerman” folk song and I like the way the acoustic blues licks gelled well with the folk energy of the song.
The song “Wickerman” was inspired my attendance at Witchfest in Oxfordshire which was a Children Of Artemis event.
I myself am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher and even though Japanese Reiki is my own spiritual path and practice (what with the meditations and energetic cleansing exercises )I did find the Artemis event full of wonderful energy and people and attended a Candle and Talisman and Wand making workshop which I found really interesting.
Im not a Witch but respect and have a fascination with all occult arts and they are like different fingers of the same hand in my opinion.
Enjoy the “Wickerman” and yeah,the original 70s classic is a real gem of a pagan movie.

Mr. Secret

The final track of the album has been laid down and it’s called ‘The Wicker Man’. Yes it is true the song is based on Ritchies recent exploits in Wicca, Witchcraft and the occult, a spot of traditional British folk roots religion never hurt anyone. I think you’ll like this, nice and chilled as only Richie knows how.

The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man video on youtube

And here is a snippet of the recording of the acoustic solo in action. Good as this solo is Ritchie produced even greater takes for the actual finished version.

Ready to Roll


“Ready To Roll” is a true rock n roll song in every sense of the word and I wanted to lay down a blues rock riff that had a real drive and power and I feel this song has that struttin swagger to it.
I particularly like the guitar solo and its stops and starts with the solid bass playing groove it improvises over.
The recording was a really great day and evening of inspired playing on guitar and bass from myself and positive energy from producer Mr Secret.
I thoroughly enjoyed laying down the guitar tracks and the hard rock riffs were played with a 2mm jim dunlop plectrum to give a stinging hard attack on the ten gauge strings.
The actual main riff was written months earlier and I had been dying to record it so when Mr Secret was available we made the most of the session and it was great.

Mr. Secret

It’s been a long time coming but we have finally cut a new track for the album, oh yeah baby!
Ready to Roll is the latest hot rocking track recorded at the Sutton Coldfield studio in Birmingham. A mixture of beer, coffee, hot tubs and the trials and tribulation of living with the fairer sex.

There’s a rough cut of the song after the days recording for you to listen to:

Ready to Roll

Addicted to Sin – Great new session

This is a video clip of me recording the guitar solo to “Addicted To Sin” which is a rock n roll killer track with a great riff and catchy chorus.
I enjoyed rocking out on this solo and the vibe was just brilliant. Full song at the bottom of page.
Ritchie Dave Porter

addicted to sin

Recorded ‘Slaving Away’

Hiya all.
The new hard rock studio sessions have a vibe and energy that just blew me away and each time Mr Secret and I got together to record there was a great atmosphere of excitement.
I feel that my guitarwork has reached a new maturity and the tone and the playing through my trusty Gibson Epiphone Les Paul blasting through a Marshall Amp with just natural amp overdrive resulted in a fat,warm,dirty sound which is just what I like.
Hope you all really enjoy the new Rock tracks and 2011 is gonna be good.
Ritchie Dave Porter

slaving away

Recorded called “Im just misunderstood”

Yeah rockers and funkateers alike !
The Ritchie and producer Mike Tingle (the secret) got together whilst the Ritchie was on annual leave from his Therapy day job to record a killer Doors/Led Zeppelin inspired hybrid rock tune in Moseley Village.
I think you Ritchie fans will love it.
Mean chunky fat guitar riffs and a pounding hard rock sound.
Its cool groovin rock n roll.
Ritchie Dave x

I’m just misunderstood

Epic solo recorded live at the end of the song on video: