DJ John Van Lent – Acoustic Blues

By DJ John Van Lent

“Hey folks let me introduce myself. My name is John van Lent and I have a program called living Room Blues every Thursday on Being a Dutchie DJ I receive a lot of material throughout the year to be played in my program. Some more interesting than the others as you may understand. Since a while I have been listening and became more interested in the way RDP makes his statement using the guitar and his voice and performing the blues. I really fancy his material and he knows I am very keen on his acoustical material. So I was very glad I received his album and have been spinning it in the program a few times already. So do check him out and enjoy the simplicity with how he plays his instrument and gives you the feeling to be part of it. Great to listen to and it is wishful thinking to be able to play the blues like he does. Seems easy but I know it has been very hard work over the past years to be able to perform it the way he does. Thanks Ritchie. Love the sound of it and be sure to hear it regularly in the program Living Room Blues on for the music.”

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