Soul Blues, Heart Rock – Rocking the Blues

Translated from the Italian

Soul Blues … Heart Rock!


A look in the musical Blues, the ” Devil’s Music “by definition, introduced me to, thanks to other fans like me ( that between blues, rock, metal and allied us through water! ), a guitarist / bassist / singer, truly exceptional: Ritchie Dave Porter .
Born in Birminghman (UK), January 18, 1970. Son of un’ufficiale naval and a professional dancer.
Ritchie, began playing the guitar at age 11, impressed ( I would say very positively ), the work record and the guitar technique of legends like Jimi Hendrix , Jimmy Page , Eric “Slowhand” Clapton and Johnny Winter , spending hours and hours to “jamming” with his favorite guitar heroes, learning their solos note by note, for all his “formative period “as a guitarist.
In 1994, Ritchie, formed his first band, a power-trio called ” Voodoo Witch Blues Band “, which publishes a live album (without the use of studio overdubs), entitled” Blues On Fire “, the trio brings tour through Germany and Denmark.
After 8 years of touring, Ritchie, melts the group.

Ritchie also becomes, although temporarily, dissatisfied music industry as happened to three of his best friends, died because of drug and alcohol abuse, a direct result of the lifestyle of rock-star.

With new friends with the drummer and producer Michael Tingle , Ritchie, starts the recording of new music material, cut eclectic and influenced by the sounds of great artists and groups such as the aforementioned left-handed guitarist best known as Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, the aforementioned Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, Clapton, the Stones and early Aerosmith. This takes him to perform in both the native Birmingham in the West Midlands in England.

The work progressed to the great, but for the peculiar habit of bad luck in wanting to force complicate the existence of others, to Ritchie, is diagnosed with cancer that will take him to three months of chemotherapy and having to undergo a delicate surgery.
But, since not all silver lining, during the period of treatment, thanks to its acoustic guitar and the presence of Michael Tingle, Ritchie records directly to the hospital the song ” Morphine Blues “, inspired by the effects of treatment and therapy that is forced to endure.
From this single, very popular in the US, will be born the first album on behalf Ritchie Dave Porter, titled ” Rocking The Blues “: an album very popular in USA, continuously transmitted from the major music radio stations Blues, product by the same Tingle, who also participates as a drummer.

Ritchie Dave Porter – Rocking The BluesThe album consists of 14 tracks. Already from the opening track ” Return To The Saddle “is immediately clear that the musical style of Ritchie Dave Porter spaces from the typical sounds of the blues of the origins of the purest rock & blues classy . Also proves to have good vocal abilities perfectly blended to the mat melodic. Doti guitar well proven and a good rhythm section, are the basis of ” Is not Giving Up On Love “. Well-constructed solos that give the song a retro flavor and well-written vocal lines give the right picking style to the song. ” 3 am “shows rhythms rhythmic, almost hypnotic. A perfect song for the radio broadcast. With ” Waiting For The Train “we move towards shores music on the border of the classic Blues and Country more blood. Following is the single that gave birth to the album: ” Morphine Blues , “which There redelivery landscapes rock & blues. A piece completely instrumental, creepy! With the sixth track in the lineup ” I’m Back “, style moves further towards the sound and the groove of the legendary Rolling Stones. Even the vocal lines reached, in some small resemblance, the style of Mick Jagger. Pure energy guitar for ” Into The Darkness “, the seventh song of the disc, and the second track totally instrumental. The couple later songs, ” One Night “and” Lord Have Mercy “takes us back in the lands of the Delta Blues typical, made ​​of acoustic guitars, drums and vocals just mentioned by bluesman consumed. danceable rhythms, energetic melody and text that gives joy are the basis of the tenth piece ” Rabbit In The Hole ” . Third song without words – which incidentally also takes away the hearers – is the eleventh track in the lineup: ” Autumn “. The album comes close to its conclusion with ” The Stygian Witch “and” Spanish Tears ” . Two songs united by a common feature: slow, rhythmic intro that turns into a “slow and rhythmic” ride electric flavor Latin and Hispanic. These two songs are completely instrumental closing. The worthy closing of this first album of the British guitarist is entrusted vigorous and unrestrained ” Rock Chick “. A song that reflects the lessons of rock and blues dictated by the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top.

That’s not all, in April this year, will be released the second EP Ritchie, entitled ” Acoustic Blues EP “.

Dave Ritchie Porter- acoustic blues-front coverThe EP consists of 7 tracks.
As the title suggests, all songs in the lineup are pieces of acoustic blues and blood, where there are also moments energetic and imbued with different musical atmospheres.
A work that brings to mind the works music of the great masters (and Legends) of the Blues as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howlin ‘Wolf and John Lee Hooker, just to name some of the most representative.
This time I prefer not to reveal any trace of the EP, because I wish it were those who law (and listen) to discover them and savor them one by one, without interference and external opinions. Believe me it’s worth it!
A job done with passion and respect for a genre as the great Hendrix ” Easy to play but hard to hear! ” (“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel!”) .

A trip to the “Devil’s Music” more pure and uncontaminated by other genres, is recommended to lovers of the Blues ( like myself ) that those reading this will want to discover the sounds and tastes of music that gave birth to Rock and his children.

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